Sara (paintedponyxox) wrote in spider_man_fans,

Mary Jane 2 / Ultimate SM

Has anyone read Judith O'Brien's new sequel to Mary Jane? I want to know how it compares to the first one and if it has more appearances of Peter as Spidey. Just from flipping through the illustrations at a bookstore it doesn't look like it. :(
On another subject, I've been getting back into reading Ultimate lately and I think my only complaint about this version of the story is Mary Jane's lack of involvement in the action. I know she doesn't have to always be there and it's the movies that have her constantly getting kidnapped and rescued, but right now she has almost no importance. Maybe I shouldn't say anything because I've only read almost through volume 3. But I just don't know about how they do MJ in this series. The fact that Peter becoming Spider-Man has nothing to do with them getting together kind of weekends the romance portion of the story. Regardless of whether or not Mary Jane (or Gwen or whoever it is) even knows anything about him being Spider-Man, I think it's much more interesting when he's able to get the girl because being a super hero gives him more confidence.
Other than that I totally love the series. It can be really hilarious. "Yeah, might want to lay off of the sugar there, Sparky." LOL.
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