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Amazing Spider-Man, the virtual series

How Spider-Man should NOT be written!

We’ve all seen the damage that Joe Quesada has done to Spider-Man. The crap pretending to be Amazing Spider-Man since Brand New Day has started.

For the past year we’ve seen Marvel’s vision of what according to them, Spider-Man should be. In ergo, a total worthless loser who’s never accomplished anything, and will never ever accomplish anything of importance.

Someone who’ll never be in more than short term relationships and is still hooked to his mother figure with no hope of ever growing up.

A middle aged manchild with no maturity, no sense of responsibility; and who is utterly unlikable, unreliable and unrelatable in every which way; and why? Because people like Joe Quesada, like Joe Slott can not find it in themselves to relate to a good, decent and heroic married man.
As such I’ve been thinking that regardless of everything else. We can do better.

As a fandom, there are plenty of Spider-Man fans out there who’ve been reading Spidey for years, who have genuine love for the character and who are tired of the crap being forced on us by Marvel editorial.

As such I was hoping to find fellow fans willing to help me co-write a Spider-Man series, possibly if artists are willing to join in, with its own cover art. Plotlines and such same can be determined once we got writers to discuss plot ideas with.

The one thing I’m hoping for is to start this new series at the point where ASM lost it’s soul, aka OMD. To write a Spider-Man who would NOT make a deal with the devil and then see how we can pull him out of the unmasking and the consequences of Civil War without wrecking his continuity or character development.

So anyone interested?

Edit: I just created a com for this virtual series.

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Brand New Day is an abomination to the Spidey series and it's exactly where I've stopped reading Spidey because it was so vile.

The unmasking in Civil War was a stupid stupid move, but I was able to deal with it kind of (you gotta go somewhere right?)... but after Civil War it was just a downhill slide that made him a worthless dreg.

Be interesting to see what you could come up with.
Yeah, the unmasking was handlable, in fact, I think it was a good idea for a temporary storyline, and as was proven in Daredevil, when dealt with in a proper way it can be a source for new directions and new stories.

The problem in most Spider-Man books aside of FNS is that the writers barely even dealt with it. Most of them barely even mentioned it while focusing on the stories they would have told anyway.
(ok, I don't like the way they unmasked him, but the idea of it could have been good, at least for a while.)

Brand New Day on the other hand is utter and absolute ooc crap. It feels like Peter's being written by people who can't stand the character and want to get the readers to hate him as much as they do.

It's also interesting how Straczynksi was going in directions that had never been gone with Spidey and all of that seems to have been a bad dream or something because there's no more mention of it.

They might as well have made him a dopey teenager in "Brand New Day".. he's about as intriguing as one... and I really preferred him as an adult during Straczynski's run.